Types of women jackets

Types of women jackets

Among the cloth that should never be missing in any woman's closet, there are jackets. That's why nowadays, there is a wide range of types of jackets for women.

In general, jackets are tight to the torso with or without lapels, long sleeves, internal and external pockets, open in the front, accompanied by buttons or zippers.

A jacket's length is variable; for example, it can cover from the waist to where the leg begins; everything depends on your taste, outfits, occasion, and style. 

Don't just look for a garment to keep you warm. Give personality to the way you dress. 

Usually, we all have one or more jackets in our closets, and there are many models for different uses.

Where were the first jackets made?

It is said that their origin comes from the Renaissance in the Middle Ages. They were born in France in 1600 when the peasants were revealed during the Hundred Years War; more than a coat, it was used to protect themselves from weapons when they were attacked.

What should you know when selecting one out of all types of jackets?

There are several aspects to consider when we want to acquire some type of jacket for women:

  • The type of jacket should match you: build, height, bust, and neck type. 
  • Make sure that the measurements of shoulders, sleeves, and length are according to yours.
  • The thickness is critical. You need to know the purpose of your search, if it is to protect you from the cold or wind, or if it is just to look good.
  • That you can combine it with different types of clothes and shoes.
  • Color and print depending on the occasion.
  • Know how useful they are to use in the other months of the year.

What are the most recommended types of women's jackets we should have in our outfits?

We have already mentioned that there are several types of jackets. However, some are classic and can always be combined with other types of cloth to create a spectacular outfit:

Biker (Leather jackets)

It is an essential jacket in our closet, they never go out of fashion, and if they are black, they will serve you forever.


This type of jacket, will allow you to create independent looks. Matched with a good pair of jeans they will give your outfit an elegant boost.


It is a type of casual youth jacket that does not imply a careless look. Put it together with suitable accessories and a good pair of sneakers, and you'll get a spectacular outfit.


It's a very versatile type of jacket that you can customize with bangs, pearls, patches, beads, and even stick texts. You can buy a basic one and customize it yourself.

Teddy Coat:

Known as a Teddy coat, this is a cozy jacket usually found in neutral colors (beige or pearl gray). You can get them long or short, with zippers or buttons. It's all a matter of taste.

Parka, Anorak, or down jacket:

it is a quilted with bright color type of mowen jacket. You can get it with or without a hood.

Torera or bolero:

These one out of all types women's jacket, cut goes above the waist. You'll find it elaborated in lace, velvet, or wool. Its purpose is to give the spotlight to your bottom outfit.

Mao Neck:

This one is an exquisite type of jacket, ideal to combine with the color tone of the pants. We recommended it for daytime meetings, and cocktail party looks. 

Helpful tips to consider when selecting a type of jacket

Female bodies and jacket types vary, but no one said it would be hard to find the right one. 

When trying clothing, we aimed to find pieces that fit our body shape perfectly, especially as women.  

The first thing you should know in the jackets field is that tight and proper sized don't have the same meaning.

Perhaps, the first one tightens the body and makes those uncomfortable rolls come out; the second refers to pieces that adjust perfectly to your silhouette.

Now, let's move forward! 

Here we have some suggestions to make your choice easy.

According to our body shape: 

  • If you are slim, the right thing to do is wear structured jackets with accessories. This will help the outfit give the sensation of volume and, thus, mark your shape.
  • If you have a chubby body shape, you should go for a sized-to-your-body jacket. Also, try to avoid decorations, so you don't get any extra volume. Finally, straight cuts are not recommended, and preferably, look for open-cut jackets from the waist to the hips.

According to height:

  • If you are a short person, the suggestion is to use jackets at the waist level.
  • If you are a tall person, the length of the jacket should reach the hips.

Choosing types of jackets according to our breasts and chest size

  • With little bust or chest: the ideal is the jackets with ornaments to give volume and oversized lapels.
  • With a lot of bust or chest: avoid jackets with decorations, details, or buttons around the chest area, as they will add more volume to your shape. Instead, grab one with a zipper. And, if you like lapels, it is advisable to go for a small size jacket.

Chose according to the neck length:

  • Short neck: if you have a short neck pick a jacket without a collar and preferably go for the zipper in the center ones and kept it open. It'll look great with your measurements.
  • Long neck: if you have a long neck, any jacket collar cut will do. Have fun!

Now, remember, it's ideal that whatever type of jacket (or cloth in general) you choose fits you comfortably and makes you feel good. In Brando & McQueen, we take care of that by creating jackets that will fit your needs; and make you look amazing. 

I think you may now have all the information you need to make the best choice for you. So, go and look around our catalog and make the pick! 

You can also go ask for a custom piece to get the coat of your dreams!

We have a customize jackets option in our store. We made our pieces in a short time, and we offer different payment methods.

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