5 reasons why we hate punk leather jackets

5 reasons why we hate punk leather jackets

5 reasons why we hate punk leather jackets

You know we love leather jackets, but that doesn’t mean that we love all of the leather jackets out there. In fact, there are some styles that we think you should really avoid - and today we’re going to talk about one in particular.

You see, we really don’t like punk leather jackets. Apologies to our punk readers out there. As you know, it has nothing to do with you. It has everything to do with these jackets.

In this post, we’ll tell you a little bit about punk leather jackets, how they got started, and five reasons why we just don’t like them. We’re not trying to influence your style or buying decisions. We’re just trying to give you some information so that you can make an informed purchase.

What are punk leather jackets?

Punk leather jackets are often biker jackets that are adorned with a lot of metalwork including spikes, bolts, and other permanent changes to the exterior of the jacket.

This can also include patches of various kinds that are either affixed to the jacket through a heat and glue process or even stitched onto the leather itself.

Essentially, a punk leather jacket is a patchwork of an individual’s personality and there’s nothing wrong with that. Where everything goes wrong is that these jackets are often not made to handle the kinds of modifications that people put on them and thus tend to fall apart quite quickly.

Unless you’re using very high-quality leather with extreme attention to detail and sturdy construction, you’re not going to have a successful punk leather jacket. Further, there are many of these jackets out on the market that are not only poor quality but really bad purchasing decisions.

Above all, they don’t even understand the jacket’s purpose nor its history.

punk leather jacket

A brief history of punk leather jackets

What do we mean by the statement that most of these jackets do not understand a punk leather jacket’s history or purpose?

Basically, you can sum it up like this: If you buy a punk leather jacket from a factory you’re already wrong.

Punk leather jackets are a subgenre of biker’s jackets that grew out of adornment and customization, often by the wearer themselves or with a leatherworker.

Associated with the musical genre of the same name, punk leather jackets became a kind of scene-marker for people who listened to punk rock music - then an obscure subgenre of rock and roll.

The punk leather jacket is a reinterpretation of the 1950s rockabilly biker leather jacket and culture and it shows that it in its complex, edgy break from the past in terms of how it is style.

Later, in the 1980s, punk leather jackets would come to be associated with heavy metal and hair metal bands as well as their fans. Today, the jacket signifies much the same thing though it may not be specifically attached to the punk rock subgenre of rock and roll.

Originally a way to show allegiance to bands and groups of friends, punk leather jackets are now all about the individual and have lost a lot of their biker gang and letterman origins.

This means that each and every one of them was unique and made to wear for that individual.

You can’t factory produce this kind of style and when you attempt to do that you end up with low quality, soulless product. Not only do you need a good jacket to start, but you also have to have some idea of what you want your jacket to reflect.

If you know the term poser then you should be aware that the term comes out of the punk community and describes someone who attempts just such an ersatz style. It’s either punk or it is from a factory.

And that’s only one reason we dislike them.

5 Reasons We Hate Punk Leather Jackets

Now we’re going to give you five, more practical reasons, why we can’t even with modern punk leather jackets:


Probably one of the biggest constraints to owning and wearing a punk leather jacket is that they are not very practical in everyday situations.

Think about it: With such a specific style, where do you see yourself wearing this?

Out on the streets, certainly, and to a concert, of course, but, outside of that, where do you see yourself wearing this kind of jacket? Like we said, a real one is rare and quite expensive.

Do you really want to spend a ton of money on something you only wear occasionally? We’re not saying you can’t wear it to work or to a wedding, but that is both personal and context-dependent.

It’s up to you but, for the money, we’d go with a different style of jacket and one with more practical uses.


No matter how toned down you might think your punk leather jacket is, it is somewhat of an extreme style and should be treated as such.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with edge and format but you risk looking like a clown if you don’t execute the look well. And, let’s be honest, most of us cannot pull off the kind of demeanor or look that makes a punk leather jacket work.

If you want to look like you’re dressed up for Halloween on a regular basis, there’s no easier way to do that than some factory-made punk leather jacket.

The goal of punk style is to stand out and express your individuality, not look like a fashion victim. Too often, it looks like the wearers of a punk leather jacket are, themselves, punked by the process.

Variable Quality

Real punk leather jackets take a high-quality shell and add things to it over time. But most of what you find on the market comes straight out of a factory.

It not only looks fake, and is often made out of faux leather, but they also do not last.

Why buy something that isn’t going to last and doesn’t even represent the kind of leather jacket you want to buy? If you want a punk leather jacket, buy a high-quality biker jacket and adorn it with the help of a leatherworker. Getting a punk leather jacket is not only sad but it won’t be with you for very long because it will fall apart very quickly.


When we give people style advice, we always look towards the future. If you don’t see yourself wearing something 10 years from now, it might not be a wise buying decision. That’s just the way it is.

A punk leather jacket might be cool and edgy when you are in your 20s but, by your 30s, you might look a little out of place. Don’t let something that used to slay when you were young end up killing your look when you are older. Know that every piece has a time and a place. Given the cost of a punk leather jacket, we think you’d be better off buying something that will last.

Rarely Authentic

The one thing we hope you’ve gotten out of this article is that anything you buy from a store that is a “punk jacket” is not very authentic.

Authenticity is not only a buzzword among modern stylists but it is also a driving theme for many collections out there right now.

Remain true to yourself and go for something authentic and wholly you. A factory-made punk leather jacket just doesn’t do it.