Outfit Ideas for Men

9 Killer Leather Jacket Outfit Ideas for Men

9 Killer Leather Jacket Outfit Ideas for Men

1. The "Semi-Punk" Outfit

punk leather jacket


Who’s it for?

The punk look is for those who want to stand out; those who aren't afraid to stand up for whatever they believe in. Whilst it might have once been associated with the underground London music scene, the punk look is now a staple of modern fashion.

2. The Hipster Outfit

brown leather jacket


Who’s it for?

Do you like to frequent organic coffee shops in search of the fullest tastes? Maybe you're a regular at a local microbrewery. Maybe you just like the hipster style. Over the last few years, hipsters have become more and more prominent - and it's a good thing! It makes for a truly unique look, one that can really show off your engaging personality.

If you’re really looking to make a statement with the hipster look, why not match your outfit with a set of thick-rimmed glasses or any old beanie hat?

3. The Aviator Look

aviator biker

  • Jacket: Howard Biker from Brando & McQueen | Price: $359 USD
  • Pants: H&M Black Skinny Jeans | Price: $49 USD
  • T-shirt: Black Basic tee from ZARA | Price: $23 USD
  • Shoes: Pull and Bear white sneakers | Price: $29 USD


Who’s it for?

You don't have to be a pilot to pull off the aviator look. You too can be like Top Gun's infamous Maverick; all it takes is a little bit of style - and a killer leather flight jacket. Make sure to wrap the lookup with a nice pair of aviator sunglasses!

4. The Fancy Racer

racer leather jacket


Who’s it for?

For those who like to live life fast.

For thrill-seekers, stuntmen, racers, skaters and athletes. Those who like fast cars, big thrills, and high-speed pursuits. At least make sure that you look the part.

5. The Casual Bomber Look

black leather bomber outfit

  • Jacket: Bomber Leather Jacket from Lucky Brand | Price: $499 USD
  • Shirt: Green Dress Shirt from H&M | Price: $23 USD
  • Pants: Slim Dark Chinos from H&M | Price: $39 USD
  • Glasses: Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Classics | Price: $153 USD
  • Shoes: Vans Customs | Price: $75 USD

  TOTAL: $789 USD

Who’s it for?

If you like dressing to impress, this is the look for you. It’s an elegant and stylish approach to modern fashion; smart, suave and sexy. It’s the perfect look for a casual date, a night out, or just for when you want to feel good.

6. The "Biker-Non-Biker" Outfit

biker outfit

  • Jacket: The All Black Rudy from Brando & McQueen | Price: $355 USD
  • Shirt: Zara Dress Shirt | Price: $28 USD
  • Jeans: Trashed Skinny Jeans from H&M | Price: $40 USD
  • Boots: kswiss suede boots | Price: $59 USD


Who’s it for?

One of the most iconic leather looks to ever emerge is the biker style. Popularised by speed-demons, punks, rebels, and even TV shows, it’s a go-to look for when you want to convey danger.

You don’t need to be a biker to dress like one; this look is perfect for everyone. Be the rider that you were born to be.

7. The Cool Guy

leather jacket outfit

  •  Jacket: The Black Bad Hombre Biker from Brando & McQueen | Price: $345 USD
  • T-shirt: Basic Red Tee from Zara | Price: $22USD
  • Jeans: Grey Skinny Jeans from Pull&Bear | Price: $39 USD
  • Shoes: White sneakers from Pull&Bear | Price: $29 USD
  • Sunglasses: RayBan CATS 5000 CLASSIC | Price: $168 USD


 Who’s it for?

Do you like dressing to impress? This is one sure-fire way to make a lasting, memorable impact on anyone you meet. Show off your impeccable sense of fashion, capturing a true moody aesthetic with this essential style.

8. The Classic

black leather bomber

  •  Jacket: Jack Harper Bomber Jacket from Brando & McQueen | Price: $268
  • Basic white t-shirt | Price: $15 USD
  • Pants: Ripped Skinny Jeans from ZARA | Price: $45 USD
  • Boots: Ankle boot from ALDO | Price: $150


Who’s it for?

If you like to blend in whilst still looking your best, this one’s for you. You’ll look fresh and stylish without standing out; perfect for when you want to make a low-key impact.

 9. The Drake

biker jacket with a hoodie


Who’s it for?

Drake is one of the most memorable names in recent times. Wherever you look, drake seems to be in the limelight – and with good reason.

He’s not just a talented rapper with a knack for hitting the charts – he’s an iconically dressed individual with a real eye for fashion.