Are Leather Jackets Expensive

Are Leather Jackets Expensive?

Are Leather Jackets Expensive?

Leather Jackets were first introduced in 1928 and have been in our culture for some time now. From fighter pilots, streetwalkers, to celebrities and bikers, the brute and cool imagery associated with real leather are important to comprehend as the inspiration for everyone’s love for leather. Over and over we see characters in movies and TV shows wear real leather and make an iconic fashion statement.

Hence, leather jackets have been around for a long time now and it’s easy to see why. Their good look and long-lasting persona historically attached to tough, masculine characters easily make them everyone’s favorite. Men and women both love the leather on themselves. Real leather jackets remind us of a more classic time and remain a perennial favorite to date.

Now, the question arises, are leather jackets worth the money?

Many people have this question in mind and are apprehensive to pay a significant price for this timeless classic. Leather jackets are expensive… or are they?

Why Should I Buy a Leather Jacket?

First of all, how much does a leather jacket cost?

A high-quality leather jacket will cost you roughly around $300-$1500.


Not really because this particular jacket will last almost your lifetime. The average life of a leather jacket is more than twenty years. So if you’re wearing it for around 20-25 years, you’re paying almost $40- $50 per year. However, it is the quality of leather you’re buying that is the deciding factor for its price and longevity. There is a variety of leather jacket styles and quality available.

On the other hand, a synthetic jacket will cost you less and last on an average of three to four years. The affordability of faux leather is a classic example of the false economy because these items do not last long and are not ecologically safe. An investment in a leather jacket is preferable both for its durability and strength.

1# Is Never Out of Trend

Leather jackets have been here since Irving Schott introduced the motorcycle jacket in the 1920s. Since then, people have never let it go out of fashion. The never-diminishing trend and popular option slowly but surely made its presence and has maintained it since then.

Many jackets, style, and fashion have come and gone, but leather jackets are never out of style. People have worn it before and they will wear it in the future. You may buy a synthetic jacket today but it won’t feel the same ten or even five years down the lane.

#2 Add an Edge to Your Look

There’s something about leather jackets that makes a man seem masculine, rough, and cool all at the same time. It takes you to a different era of gentlemen’s clubs and reminds of a rebel or a motorbike racer. For women, it adds an edge of confidence and femininity.

Synthetic jackets are the hosts of a show but the actual show stopper is a real hardcore leather jacket which makes everyone’s head turn.

3# Wear it With Anything, Anywhere, Anytime

That’s the real deal about leather jackets is that you do not have to think about real leathers at all. While you may consider once whether synthetic jackets will look good on a particular dress type, leather jackets go with almost all kinds of dresses.

For women, if you’re wearing party wear, casual, or a short mini dress, a leather jacket adds more value to your look and your dress. For men, nothing beats the edgy, masculine imagery that a leather jacket creates for you! Choose carefully.

 #4 Durability and Strength

There’s a reason leather jackets are a favorite of pilots and motorbike racers. None can question the durability of leather jackets, in any rough situation, they act as safety gear for the body.

They also keep you warm even during the most chilly weather. They do not unravel like any other material and you can easily expect it to last longer than you. This article of cloth keeps you safe from bruises and scrapes in case of an accident. On the other hand, synthetic jackets are made of chemical compounds and synthetic clothes that are not very durable and easily tear in rough conditions.

#5 Leather Jackets Have a Vintage Appeal

Leather jackets have been around for so long that it can rightly add a vintage appeal.

Sure you can always choose a modern look, but you also have the option to choose a 50s greaser look if you want. There’s something about vintage that makes people want to treasure, that remains timeless and yet appeals to most of the population.

Can we say the same for leather jackets? Not!

#6 Leather Jackets Hold Their Value

Considering the leather jacket prices, you’ll be impressed as to how they retain their values after so many years if taken care of properly. Leather jackets are always desirable, durable, strong, and easy to clean. They don’t move very far from the value they were purchased for. No doubt you also get the value for it every time you wear it.

Unlike other jackets, they do not deteriorate over time. They may even grow in value depending on what condition you keep them and for how long you have owned it.

Get Your Leather Jacket Today!

So, are leather jackets worth the money?

The answer is a big yes!

Leather jackets have a unique, classic appearance about them that is rare to find in any other piece of clothing. Trends have come and gone but leather has never been out of fashion. Leather jackets prices may vary but the real leather will last you for a very long time to come. So don’t waste your time, grab your favorite jacket today. It’s easy-going, cool look makes it even better.

So, the next time they ask, how much does a leather jacket cost? You know the answer is not expensive!