Aviator Leather Jacket

Men’s Aviator Leather Jackets: The Complete Guide

Men’s Aviator Leather Jackets: The Complete Guide

Aviator leather jackets are equivalent to timeless classics within the gamut of men’s outdoor leather wears. Talking about popular black aviator jackets for men or the flight jackets that showcase a unique contrast of classic and contemporary features never gets old! These classics have a story to tell, a history as rich as its texture, and masculinity that men still want to don.

What is an Aviator Leather Jacket?

Aviator jackets are known for their durability, versatility, and strength.

They were custom made for pilots to withstand the harsh wind and cold high in the air during aviation. Leather has, since time immemorial, formed a unique material to resist cold and keep warm.

Moreover, it is the only material that is long-lasting and goes without wear and tear, making it ideal for aviation jackets. Brave and skilled airmen who served in the US army made these jackets famous. Hence, aviator leather jackets, even today, are worn with confidence and remembrance.

These leather jackets exude rare masculinity and boost the wearer’s personality. Today, in the modern 21st century, people prefer donning these jackets on streets, at parties, and like walking ramps to showcase their style, uniqueness, and confidence.

Pilot jackets are a well-known name used for aviator leather jackets. While in the past, these jackets were majorly donned by pilots, they have come a long way such that men love wearing these jackets, pilot or not.

The designs have grown with time, touching base with a variety of colors and experimenting with themes like the aviator jacket with sheepskin collar or the Francis B-3 brown jacket that looks best for both the classic and modern world.


Popularly known as flight jackets, the bomber jackets were first created by the US Army Aviation Clothing Board in 1917. The World War I pilots were then flying fighter planes with permeable, open-air cockpits. Hence, early jackets were made of horse leather and sealskin, lined up with fur to keep out the cold.

Eventually, between the two World Wars, the design of these aviator jackets evolved with aviation advancements. The designs and outwears became more streamlined, and various new styles were released, including US Army Type A-1 in 1927. This laid the foundation for the modern flight jackets with its knitted collar, cuffs, and waistband with button-up closure. 

A-2 followed closely behind with zipper closure, and finally, the B-15 that mostly represents the modern bomber jackets that popularly has zip pockets on the sleeves and slash pockets on the abdomen. The B-15 design also had a fur collar, cotton body, and leather straps to hold oxygen masks. 

However, these were very different from the MA-1 model released around 1949-1950 and which continues until today. The fur collars were replaced with knitted ones, easy-to-clean nylon, which was superior to leathers in holding out the cold and moisture.

It was around this time that these aviator leather jackets were available for civilians with a variety of cut and material options. From popular Hollywood stars to hip-hop models, everyone was drawn to the exquisiteness of aviator jackets, and the popularity has not gone down even today. 

What is the Difference between Aviator Leather Jackets and Shearling Leather Jackets?

While aviator leather jackets were mainly made of boiled wool to provide warmth and the sleeves were made of leather with banded wrists and waistbands, shearling jackets had another story to tell. 

Unlike the separate wool and leather combination in aviator jackets, shearling is the recently shredded skin from sheep or lamb, which is tanned and dressed in wool. It mainly has a suede surface on one side and a clipped fur surface on another. Mostly, the suede side is on the outside and the furry side on the inside to give off appropriate warmth and style. 

Aviator jackets, on the other hand, are now made of boiled wool for body cover and sleeves of leather to provide the appropriate grip, strength, and durability. It does not have any fur, and the collar and the waistband are mostly knitted. Moreover, they can be made with several materials, and horse skin, unlike shearling, which is made only of specific lamb or sheepskin. 

Aviator leather jackets are popular. If you have been looking for the best of these jackets, you can always read about the material used, discuss on forums, and make your own judgment. According to us, here is a list of some of the best aviator leather jackets you can find online. 


Sandro is one of the finest sites you can find leather jackets on. This is an aviator leather jacket with detachable sheepskin, shearling collar. They have standard two flap pockets with ribbed edging on the cuffs and back.

sandro leather jacket

Brando & McQueen

This Brando & McQueen Aviator jacket is one of high quality and made of premium Nappa lambskin leather. If you are looking for a complete slim-fit leather jacket, this is the one! It is one of the most versatile designs, with a fashionable appearance that boasts a detachable shearling collar. You can wear it daily, and it will still remain the same for years!

aviator biker leather jacket

All Saints

Crafted from one of their signature leathers, this is All Saints’ Mack. This is one of the classics when it comes to aviator leather jackets. With standard zip closure, leather zipper pulls, and shoulder epaulettes, this is one of the finest leather jackets you can own in your wardrobe. 

all saints aviator jacket

Cockpit USA

This one is specially crafted for jet pilots looking for traditional look with modern design.

This is a unique flight crew jacket that you can fall in love with. This is a man’s rugged leather jacket with versatile features, removable quilted lining, and mouton collar. Hence, whether you are on-duty or off-duty, you can nail this functional-stylish look all at once. 

pilot leather jacketAsos

This Schott pilot premium leather jacket comes with detachable, faux fur collar. Created by a family owned brand, the leather for this jacket is drawn from hand. This leather jacket has elasticated cuffs and hem along with press stud pockets that has fast become an American culture. With this, you can experience the rich heritage of hand-drawn leather that is expertly crafted for your fit.

asos aviator jacket


You can easily find aviator leather jackets for men in different leather materials such as lambskin, sheepskin, and even cowhide.

If you are looking for extra visual interests, then a mix of two different materials can create a hybrid leather aviator jacket, as well.

There are other men’s leather aviator coats and fur jackets that come with their own unique quality that can be found on some of the leather jacket platforms. Find the best aviator jacket for you and make your friends jealous!