bomber leather jackets

All you need to know about a leather bomber jacket

All you need to know about a leather bomber jacket

Originally created as a flight jacket for pilots, the bomber jacket has become a staple in pop culture apparel. This military clothing item has made its way into high fashion. These jackets were made to be quite versatile and functional as they were comfortable and lightweight.

If you trace the history of this timeless piece of clothing, you will find that the jacket was designed with the intention of protecting the wearer from extremely cold temperatures.

While the key characteristics, including ribbed hem and cuffs, defined neckline, frontal zip closure, etc. remain unchanged to this very day, numerous variations of the jacket have been introduced into the mainstream. Today, the classic jacket is available in an array of styles, colors, and fits.

This leather bomber jacket later inspired various subcultures of fashion such as streetwear, grunge, and punk. Now, well into the 21st century, the bomber jacket has survived its long legacy and refashioned itself and turned into a global phenomenon that transcends the borders of gender, age and style. The "Kanye Effect" has further influenced the marketability of the jacket.

What are bomber jackets?

While this question would be a no-brainer for fashion enthusiasts, not everyone recognizes the characteristics of the jacket. To make it simple for you, here's a helpful description:- the bomber jacket is an outerwear that is short-waisted in length with a gathered, ribbed waistband matching the cuffs.

The jacket features a heavy-duty front zipper and four pockets, two on the top and two on the sides. Leather is the most commonly used clothing material to make these jackets. However, bombers are now also available in nylon, cotton and polyester.

The jackets often have a flat round collar that matches the waistband. Nowadays, these traditional jackets have evolved and often sport a shirt collar that is either plain or has a shearling lining.

History of bomber jackets

Bomber jackets were introduced during World War I. During the time, most airplanes didn't have enclosed cockpits and there was a high demand for warm, durable jackets.

history o bomber jackets

The jacket became a part of the uniform designed by the U.S Army and the Aviation Clothing Board.

By the time of World War II, a new and upgraded version of the jacket, known as B3, was introduced. This upgraded version was in line with the modifications made in aerospace technology. Flying at high altitudes required warmer clothing. That's how the sheepskin flying jacket came into existence.

b3 bomber jacket

The jacket gradually made its way into the closets of the general public. One of the most popular bomber jackets was the MA-1 which was made from nylon, featuring a bright orange lining. This was one of the most loved items of clothing among civilians.

MA-1 bomber

If not the first, Europe was one of the many civilizations that adopted the men's leather bomber jacket style outside the military. The jacket influenced various subcultures of fashion that emerged from the 60s to 80s.

Types Of Bomber Jackets

Leather Bomber Jacket With Hood

These jackets are modern through and through. The hooded bomber jackets are a trendy piece of clothing that never seems to go out of style. These jackets are often lightweight, usually made out of faux leather, nylon, or polyester. The hooded collars also include two adjustable drawstrings. The front zipper makes the jacket a chic and timeless item of clothing. The jacket is perfect for relaxed and casual settings.

Leather Bomber Jacket With Hood

 Vintage Leather Bomber Jacket

These timeless jackets follow the classic pattern of a flight jacket, i.e, shearling collar with bulky and insulated arms. The wrist cuffs and waist of the jacket are secured by a tight elasticated band. These jackets are usually made out of sheepskin. The jackets also comprise four pockets, two at the top and two at the bottom for high functionality. A heavy-duty front zipper ties together the entire look of the jacket.

Vintage Leather Bomber Jacket

Leather Bomber Jackets With Fur

The most common models of fur Bomber jackets are G-1 and B-15. Fur collars originated from sheepskin. The material is soft and provides extra warmth against cold temperatures. The exterior of the jacket sports a smooth and supple leather finish.

The inside of the jacket comprises warm and thick sheepskin wool. These jackets are slightly different from the classic style. Instead of the classic elasticized ribbed knit trim, these jackets have straight wrist cuffs and hem.

Leather Bomber Jackets With Fur

WW2 Leather Bomber Jacket

The jackets made during World War II were designed to cater high altitude flying and open cockpits. The B-3 leather bomber jacket was introduced to the bomber crew in 1934. The jacket features thick, supple shearling sheep-skin.

This leather bomber jacket features a heavy-duty frontal zipper and welted seams. The soft and insulating interior of the jacket provides great warmth.

WW2 Leather Bomber Jacket

A-2 Leather Bomber Jacket

The A-2 leather jacket was an American military flight jacket invented for World War II.

A-2 jackets have a snap-flap patch pocket on either side, knit cuffs, a shirt style snap down collar, waistband, shoulder straps and a cotton inner lining. The back of the jacket was built out of a single piece of garment to limit stress. The jackets feature a tough frontal zipper made out of steel or brass.

The original jackets were a lot more trim fitted as compared to the modern, loose-fitted version of the jackets.

A-2 Leather Bomber Jacket

Suede Bomber Jacket

Suede bomber jackets are not great to see you through the summer but make for a great layering piece during winter. A regular fit suede bomber jacket features ribbed hems, zip pockets, baseball collar and front zipper fastening.

Suede is a versatile fabric that allows you to play and experiment. Suede bomber jackets come in a variety of colors. However, the jacket shouldn't be left out in the sun for a long period of time as it could warp the leather.

Suede Bomber Jacket

 Where To Buy A Leather Bomber Jacket?

 #1 Brando & McQueen

When it comes to high-quality leather bomber jackets, Brando & McQueen never ceases to amaze its customers. In the store, one can easily find tailored leather jackets at pocket-friendly prices. The jackets are made out of premium quality leather. The brand ensures the quality of the clothing is not compromised.

#2 Wilsons Leather Bomber Jacket

Wilsons Leather is a pioneer in producing leather bomber jackets. The jackets feature hand-crafted details that last for a long period of time. The brand offers a large collection of men's leather bomber jackets.

The bomber jackets feature on-trend designs that always look fashionable and chic. Wilsons Leather is known for its authentic appearance.

#3 Izod Leather Bomber Jacket

Izod is known for its authenticity and top quality productions. If you are on the lookout for a good bomber jacket, you may want to browse through their exclusive range of leather bomber jackets. The jackets are made out of first-rate leather that is responsible for its ruggedness. The jackets also feature subtle detailing that adds that extra wow factor to the clothing.

Final thoughts

A leather bomber jacket could be easily worn on multiple occasions. Have a big night planned? Throw on a bomber jacket to jazz up your outfit and you are good to go.

A last-minute after-work drinks invitation from your boss that you can't say no to? Don't sweat it. Layer your workwear with a leather bomber jacket for a smart but casual look. Have a romantic date night? Wear a leather bomber with a pair of light blue jeans and sneakers. Voila! You are all set for your date night!

Bomber jackets are one of the most celebrated items of clothing in the history of fashion. These jackets are much more lightweight compared to other jackets which makes it the perfect layering option. Bomber jackets work for every occasion and can easily dress up or dress down an outfit.