10 Easy Tips to Make Your Leather Jacket Last Longer

10 Easy Tips to Make Your Leather Jacket Last Longer

10 Easy Tips to Make Your Leather Jacket Last Longer

To date, one of the most interesting trends in the fashion industry has been leather jackets!

Versatile apparel for both men and women today, leather jackets are a long term investment. They can bring out your charming and attractive personality.

Leather jackets, although sometimes seen as a symbol of luxury, are a go-to attire for many now. They were initially introduced during World War II for military pilots. Durable leather jackets were designed for the comfort of the pilots at higher altitudes.

Just like every other product, leather jackets also require some care and maintenance to make them last longer.

Let’s be honest, you’re paying big bucks for them and some love and care will make that investment totally worth it! Although it is usually believed that the average life of a leather jacket is around three decades, how long does a leather jacket actually last? Here are a few tips that can make your leather jackets longer than you think.

#1 Always Use a Brush

Every time you go out wearing your jacket, there are high chances that it will be covered with dust particles. Thus, instead of washing it every time you go out, use a brush to score out the dust particles from the jacket.

Washing your jacket can lower the quality of the leather. There is a range of brushes available just for leather jackets, which can easily glide over the leather and remove the dust particles from it. Your leather jacket will be as good as new again!

#2 Use Leather Conditioners

How long does a leather jacket last? The average life of a leather jacket is usually 30 years. However, using a good quality conditioner will thoroughly maintain its shine and give it a smooth finish every single time you wash it!

Cleaning and polishing your leather jackets with conditioner will maintain the look of genuine leather and make it last longer than its average life. A good conditioner will also keep the leather soft and supple with the original shine from when you first bought it. 

First, use a piece of cloth or a brush to clean off the excess dirt from the leather. Then, apply a leather conditioner to restore the moisture.

#3 Stay Away From Heat

Always keep your jacket away from high temperatures. The original leather is vulnerable to heat. Hence, exposing your leather jacket to heat can ruin the original texture of the material. The attire will hence lose the original shine and charm of the material.

Make sure whenever you hang your jacket out to dry, do not put it directly under the sun. Also never iron your jacket. Any exposure to heating equipment will cause damage to its external layer.

 #4 Don’t Leave Your Jacket Wet

Try not to get your leather jacket wet. In case it does get wet, do not use a dryer on it. Instead, use a hanger and leave it to dry but not under direct sunlight.

Water can damage leather and affect the fabric. The longer the jacket is left wet, the greater the damage to it. Hence, always use a tissue or a piece of cloth to get the excess water off the jacket and put to out dry naturally.

#5 Use Newspaper Balls

Newspaper balls can be extremely useful in maintaining the jacket’s shine for a longer duration.

You can stuff newspaper balls inside the jacket. This will prevent the growth of fungi and mildew on it.

The newspaper balls absorb the excess moisture from the leather and prevent unwanted spore reproduction on the jacket. You can also wrap your jacket with newspaper sheets to shield the jacket from the moisture from the air.

#6 Don’t Let Stains Settle on the Leather

If, by any chance, you stain your leather jacket, try to remove it right away. If you wear your jacket frequently, there are greater chances it may get stained. In this case, you can use a piece of cloth and remove it right away. Once the stain settles on the jacket, it gets difficult to remove it later.

If there is a deep stain on the jacket, mix lemon and baking soda with water and apply it on the stain. Leave it to rest overnight and wash it off using a cloth. DO NOT wash your leather jacket in the washing machine.

#7 Avoid Washing Machine

Leather jackets are vulnerable to water. Further, washing it in a washing machine can be harsh on the material and damage the outer layer of the jacket. Soaking in water will make it rigid and also damage the fabric. Also, putting it in the washing machine can lower the overall quality of the material.

 #8 Frequently Check Your Leather Jacket

 Do not leave your jacket in one corner of your wardrobe and forget about it.

Once every six months, take it out of your closet and keep a check on its material. It is recommended that you get them cleaned every two to three months to maintain their shine.

Although leather jackets are durable and can often last longer without cleaning than other clothing items, always check on them every six months to avoid staining.

#9 Do Not Suffocate the Jackets

Do not put your leather jackets stuffed in your closet. If you put it along with the rest of your clothes, there is a fair chance you’ll suffocate the jacket. Hence, do not pack it in a plastic bag and push it casually between your other clothes. Instead, leave some room for your leather jacket and allow it some space in the wardrobe.

#10 Controlled Temperature

Even durable leather jackets do not adjust well to fluctuating temperatures or humidity. Hence, carefully place the jacket in a place where they are not directly exposed to too much atmospheric moisture and sunlight. Store it in a cool and dry place where the temperature is balanced.

 Final thoughts

A leather jacket is not your usual piece of clothing. It is an investment that, if maintained properly, can last a few decades with the same shine and glamour from when you first bought it off the shelf.

Take good care of the jacket and follow these beneficial tips to keep it shining and durable for a longer period of time. Following these tips can make them last more than the average life of a leather jacket.