Why you should buy a lightweight leather jacket?

Why you should buy a lightweight leather jacket?

Why you should buy a lightweight leather jacket?

A common misconception that often floats around is that leather jackets can be worn only during fall and winter. While wearing a heavily padded leather jacket during summer or spring seems highly impractical, you can always switch to better alternatives.

Lightweight leather jackets are the perfect middle for when you want to look stylish but don't want to wear something bulky. These jackets are perfect for spring and summertime as the weather is fairly pleasant. Depending on the occasion, you can easily dress up or dress down your outfit.

What is considered a lightweight leather jacket?

When one thinks of a leather jacket, the picture of Marlon Brando, riding his beloved Triumph Thunderbird, flashes in front of the eyes. Be it the timeless bomber jacket or the rugged motorcycle jacket; a leather jacket has become a wardrobe staple for everyone.

While these will always be the classics, a new trend has recently emerged featuring lightweight coats. Lightweight leather jackets have also gained a lot of popularity in the mainstream, progressing with this newfound trend.

If possible, one would love to wear a classic leather jacket all year. Sadly though, the idea doesn't seem practical. Especially during the early months of winter, when the weather is not that cold. Wearing a bulky jacket would only make you sweat profusely.

A lightweight leather jacket acts as another layer of protection against the slightly chilly weather whilst you look chic and trendy.

Lightweight Vs. Traditional Leather Jackets

  1.  As the name suggests, lightweight leather jackets are made up of leather that is far more lightweight as compared to the regular ones. The jacket is manufactured from premium animal hide. The lining of the jacket is not thick, as it is usually made out of linen or cotton.
  2. There's no extra layer of fur or padding on the jacket. Lightweight jackets require no special maintenance and are easy to store. The fit of these jackets is quite comfortable. You can style these jackets very easily, and numerous color options are also available.
  3. While these jackets may not be as warm as your traditional leather jacket, buying a piece for yourself would surely be a wardrobe upgrade. Lightweight leather jackets might be lighter than a trench coat but are warmer than a sweatshirt.
  4. Traditional Leather Jackets were originally created to cater to fighter pilots and motorcyclists. Both of these pursuits require hard-wearing clothing that lasts for a long time. These jackets are heavily padded and provide a high degree of protection.

Whereas, lightweight jackets can be worn on a day to day basis. These jackets work best in moderate temperatures. You can comfortably wear these jackets to style up or style down your outfit.

Types of Leather For a Lightweight Jacket

Leather is a kind of material that is manufactured by tanning hide or animal skin. After the skin is procured, it undergoes preservation processes. The perishable skin of the animal is converted into non-decaying material through the chemical process of tanning.

Are you still confused between a traditional and lightweight jacket?

The easiest and common way to tell these jackets apart is by lifting it. See if the jacket feels heavy. If it does, then the jacket you picked out is not a lightweight leather jacket.

A lightweight leather jacket shouldn't feel cumbersome. It should offer a considerable amount of flexibility. Once worn, the jacket shouldn't exude excessive warmth that may cause a person to sweat profusely.

There are primarily four major types of animal leather out of which jackets are created, i.e., cow, goat, sheep, and lamb. The most commonly used leather is made from cowhide. The leather is soft and thick.

However, it is the heaviest amongst the four options. Goatskin leather is also sturdy and supple though it is mostly used for making thick clothing, gloves, shoes, book covers, etc. Lightweight leather jackets are primarily made from sheep and lambskin.


Lambskin leather is considered to be the superior kind amidst all four types. The leather accounts for premium quality. The upscale leather is hailed for its ruggedness and longevity.

The leather is soft and supple. Lambskin is also one of the most lightweight leather choices and yet offers enough warmth and protection against the cold. Lambskin hides are much smaller in size as compared to cowhides.

That's why lambskin is so costly because creating large pieces is highly tricky, given the size of the hides. Since lambskin is very soft, it can get damaged quite easily.


To create soft and smooth looking lightweight leather jackets, manufacturers especially scout for sheepskin. It stretches over time and adjusts as per the shape of your body, almost like a second skin.

The insulation offered by sheepskin isn't very impressive. It does warm up the body but only when worn as a layering piece. Since sheepskin is highly delicate and prone to damage, you have to take necessary measures to store your lightweight leather jacket, so it stays intact.

Be wary of sharp objects. Any contact might leave a sharp cut or a mark on the leather. It is not recommended to use sheepskin for making motorcycle jackets.

It is suitable for making other garments such as trench coats, gloves, and pants. It is the leather of choice for most of the big fashion and high-end brands like Brando & McQueen.