5 Reasons that Lambskin Leather is the Best for your Leather Jacket

5 Reasons that Lambskin Leather is the Best for your Leather Jacket

5 Reasons that Lambskin Leather is the Best for your Leather Jacket

Leather jackets have always been an absolute staple of fashion. They truly are a timeless accessory that not only look great but which can help the wearer to truly make a lasting impact.

Whether you’re a hardened biker, a racer, musician or even a high-flyer in the city hoping to show off your impeccable sense of style, a leather jacket will undoubtedly give you a fresh and stylish look. Stressed leather might give you an edge, seasoning your outfit with just a hint of rebellion - or you may prefer a smooth, sleek look that shouts sensibility.

Regardless of why you’ve decided to bite the bullet and get your very own leather jacket, you should consider having it made from lambskin.

Leather jackets have been traditionally crafted from a variety of different leathers (most commonly calfskin), though Lambskin is unquestionably the greatest material to use, providing a real sense of luxury that wearers can’t attain anywhere else. Why sacrifice your comfort for looks, after all?

Lambskin is a much more malleable material, making it ideal for leather jackets. There are so many benefits to a high-quality lambskin jacket, making it an obvious choice over cowhide leather

What is lambskin leather?

Lambskin is a type of leather - much like calfskin - that is made from tanning the hides of exclusively young sheep. It is significantly more delicate than traditional leather, so the tanning process must be completed with care, using gentler techniques that provide a silkier finish.

Lambskin is less rigid than traditional leather, too, which is what makes it the perfect material for crafting well-fitted jackets that feel good and look even better.

So, why is lambskin better than calfskin or other types of leather when it comes down to your leather jacket?

Let me tell you why...

Here are the 5 reasons why lambskin leather is the best for your leather jacket:

1. Comfortable

One of the primary benefits of choosing lambskin for your jacket is that it makes for much more comfortable wear.

Lambskin is smooth and silky unlike cowhide leather, which generally has a rugged, textured feel. Lambskin leather is extremely supple, recognized a premium clothing material. It is incredibly soft to the touch, sometimes referred to as having a ‘buttery’ feel to it!

Lambskin leather is also crafted with the fur still attached, creating a woolly interior that will feel soft and delicate on your skin.

2. Lightweight

Leather jackets look great, but they can become quite heavy or somewhat difficult to wear. There’s nothing worse than being weighed down as you walk, or itching to be able to take your jacket off after a long day!

Lambskin is much more lightweight than cow leather, due to the fact that it is much thinner and more supple. It doesn’t weigh the wearer down as they walk, adding significantly to the comfort factor.

A lightweight jacket is a great accessory for those summer evenings when it’s not too hot, but not quite cold either. As lambskin is extremely lightweight, it won’t make you feel uncomfortably warm like genuine leather might.

If you need a jacket for the winter, though, don’t fret… Lambskin does an incredible job of keeping you warm, too!

3. Warmth

Leather jackets aren’t recognized for warmth. They might look and feel good, but they can struggle to keep you warm on a cold winter day!

Lambskin, on the other hand, is a very insulating material. As the hide is tanned with the fur still attached, it does an incredible job of retaining heat and providing versatile insulation.

As well as keeping the heat in, Lambskin jackets will work hard to keep the cold out. Lambskin is cold-resistant, ensuring that you will stay cozy and comfortable in those long winter months.

Don’t worry about your summer wardrobe, either - whilst lambskin is insulated and cold-resistant, it’s light-weight nature will keep you cool in the summer months.

4. Appearance

Let’s be honest… the main reason anyone wants to wear a leather jacket is so that they can look killer!

Lambskin is generally recognized as having a cleaner, smoother appearance than typical cows leather, which is why it is used more commonly in premium or luxury brands like Brando & McQueen.

The leather made from lambskin has a finer grain than traditional leather, which is why it is thinner, softer, more supple and generally more comfortable than genuine leather. This also gives it a noticeably smooth, even appearance that most people seem to prefer.

5. Prestige

It goes without saying, but lambskin will generally be more expensive than calfskin or any kind of non-exotic leathers... Don’t let this put you off, though - the benefits over other types of leather make it more than worth the price.

Your lambskin jacket will last you for a very long time, provided that you take proper care of it.

The jacket should be considered an investment; leather jackets, regardless of what leather is used, will cost a lot of money. If you’re planning to own and wear that jacket for decades to come, then why not spend a little bit more and go for the very best of the best?

 A lambskin jacket will show you off as a stylish, sensible person who values their appearance. It will make a standout impression at work, parties and dates, leaving a lasting impact on those you meet.

Lambskin leather especially has the power to paint you as a prestigious person, who works hard and knows exactly what they want.

From the lined interiors and lightweight yet durable jackets that offer both maximum comfort and incredible warmth to the incredible aesthetics and cleaner appearance, lambskin jackets make a perfect accompaniment to any outfit.

Just remember: if you want your jacket to last for a long time, you do need to look after it! Make sure that you keep your leather clean and moisturized to prevent unwanted permanent cracking, and it’s sure to keep you looking sharp for years to come.