5 reasons to get your loved one a leather jacket this holiday season

5 reasons to get your loved one a leather jacket this holiday season

5 reasons to get your loved one a leather jacket this holiday season

The holidays are here; across the world, hundreds of towns and cities have been lit up by millions of tiny lights. Christmas trees reach up from many market squares and everyone seems to be in a much jollier mood.

Of course, with Christmas fast approaching, you might be at a loss for ideas.

What should you get for that special someone?

What can you buy for them that will last for years and still retain its value?

What’s as thoughtful as it is functional?

The answer: a beautiful leather jacket.

Leather jackets have always been a testament to fashion. With a bold look to suit anybody’s character, high-quality craftsmanship and the ability to match with any outfit, a leather jacket may well be the best gift someone receives this Christmas.

At Brando & McQueen, we have some of the best leather jackets on offer. We only use the best materials to ensure that all of our jackets will be long-lived and comfortable.

Don’t just take our word for it, though! Here are 5 reasons that will make a leather jacket the most memorable gift for that special person:

#1 Thermostatic Properties

We get that this might sound a bit too science-y, but a leather jacket has some absolutely incredible thermostatic properties. This means that they can regulate temperature incredibly well!

Leather jackets are made up of several different layers, including an air-trapping layer. As the material is also breathable, it will respond intuitively to the outside temperature - this will make it a great year-round jacket.

A leather jacket will keep the wearer warm throughout the winter months, but cool throughout the summer!

If you are prone to the cold, don’t worry - some jackets have an inner lining designed to insulate and warm the wearer. These aren’t too suited to warmer weather, though; they’ll still make a fantastic gift for that person who’s always freezing!

Most leather jackets will allow the user to stay at a comfortable temperature; they won’t become too sweaty or clammy, creating an uncomfortable stickiness, but at the same time, they won’t leave you to feel the chill of the weather.

#2 Durability

When you buy a present for someone, it’s natural that you want it to last. There’s not much worse than buying a thoughtful gift for someone, only to have it break or fall apart within the year.

Luckily, leather jackets are one of the most durable gifts that you can buy for someone - especially the ones on offer at Brando & McQueen!

As we only use the highest quality materials, our jackets will last for a very long time. Not only that, but they’ll also retain their comfort and warmth, making it a real lifetime investment. It’s not uncommon to pass your favorite leather jacket down to your kids!

Leather jackets are built to be strong and resilient. They will protect you from all kinds of weather without becoming stressed or damaged - even bikers use these jackets for protection!

If you want to buy a jacket that you know will display immense longevity, protecting its wearer for potentially decades to come.

#3 Fashion Compatability

Isn’t it a shame to buy an expensive piece of new clothing, only to find that it clashes with all of your outfits?

That’s the problem with many high-end products; they’re just too out-there. They might carry a large price tag with the promise of luxury, but they don’t match well with your wardrobe and you’ll likely never wear them!

Leather jackets, on the other hand, pair well with nearly everything!

You can wear yours with some straight jeans for a classic 90s look, a pair of skinny jeans for a modern fashionable look or even just some shorts if you’re going for an edgy-summer appearance!

A leather jacket might be the only jacket you’ll ever need! It doesn’t matter what your style is, a high-quality jacket will highlight somebody's look.

#3 Variance

If you’re confused as to whether the recipient of your gift will actually like a leather jacket, don’t worry; there are so many different styles and fashions available that you’re sure to find something that they will undoubtedly love.

If somebody considers themselves to be a true fashionista (and who doesn’t?), then they may fall in love with the charm of a bomber jacket. A simple yet classic design, a bomber jacket might not look like much, but it can really bring your outfit to life.

If they think of themselves as a bit of a punk, why not look into a biker jacket?

Biker jackets are one of the most popular types of leather jackets, synonymous with high-profile celebrities, grunge bands, and Instagram influencers alike.

Cafe racer jackets, on the other hand, offer a subtle charm. Similar to a bomber jacket, a cafe racer will be a truly unique piece; perfect for those who love to live fast.

Mix and match with a few of your favorite outfits and you’ll see what we mean! Our current favorite combination is a white tee, some black skinny jeans, and your favorite sneakers.

#5 The cost

It’s not unfair to say that leather jackets are somewhat… expensive. Don’t worry - the cost of the jacket really shows in the quality, durability, and comfort of a jacket, and they are well worth the price that you’ll pay.

It’s always nice to receive some recognition for your gifts and a leather jacket will be a great way to make a memorable, lasting impact. The recipient will know that you’ve not only put a great deal of thought into their gift, but you’ve spent a lot of money, too!

Whilst love shouldn’t ever be bought, this can be a great way to remind someone just how important they are - plus, you’ll definitely be in their good books for a long time to come!

Ready to jump in and buy a show-stopping leather jacket ready for the new year? You can browse our full range online, just here!