How to remove wrinkles from a leather jacket?

How to remove wrinkles from a leather jacket?

How to remove wrinkles from a leather jacket?

When it comes to leather jackets, very few products can match their durability and elegance. Their extraordinary quality and charm make it unique and a must-have for all, irrespective of gender and age!

Leather Jackets first became popular in 1928, and have been in our lives ever since. From ramp walkers to fighter pilots and streetwalkers, almost everyone seen in a leather jacket cannot be ignored!

The brute and cool imagery associated with leather jackets justify the popularity of this apparel. Their appearance and everlasting quality have contributed to their historical popularity. Did you know that, when taken care of, leather jackets can last you a lifetime or at least 30 years?

However, this is only when you take care of them and take precautions. Leather jackets are easy to handle but there are some do’s and don’ts that one needs to keep in mind. Today, we’re going to discuss how to remove wrinkles from your leather jacket!

Wrinkles start to form on leather jackets when they are kept folded for a very long time. That is why it is always advised to leave them hanging.

However, what happens if you’ve already made this mistake?

Don’t fret, you don’t have to wear a wrinkled jacket! Here are a few tips to remove wrinkles from a leather jacket.

#1 Steaming Leather Jackets

Steaming can help remove wrinkles. However, not all steamers are effective.

Using a clothes steamer can damage the leather. Thankfully, there is a way to steam the wrinkles out of leather without the use of a clothes steamer. What you can do is, hang the leather jacket in your bathroom where it does not get wet and turn the shower on. Close the bathroom and let the hot water flow and let the steam cover the bathroom.

The steam from the hot shower will gently relax the wrinkles and remove them without harming the jacket. So, the next time someone asks, can you steam clean the leather jacket? The answer is yes! In case there are a few wrinkles left on the leather jacket, gently smooth them out using your hands as the bathroom cools down after turning the shower off.

#2 Ironing Leather Jackets

Can I iron my leather jacket?

Ironing a leather jacket is typically not suggested. However, you can still iron your leather jacket to remove wrinkles if you’re extremely careful.

The trick is to make sure that the iron never comes in contact with the jacket. You can lay the wrinkled part of the leather jacket on an ironing board and place a clean cotton towel or clothing over it.

After that, turn the iron on at the lowest setting possible so that the leather is not exposed to too much heat. Also, it is advised that you remove all the water out of the iron before using it so that it does not spill on the leather jacket.

After these factors are ensured, you can run the iron over the cotton cloth quickly by applying light pressure. This is one way of ironing leather without damaging the material.

Make sure you do not press the iron firmly to the cloth or move slowly across the surface, this may cause potential damage. Low heat and light pressure should do the job and remove the wrinkles.

#3 Using Heavy Objects to Create Pressure

To do this, first place the leather jacket on a flat, hard surface, and flatten the bumps, if any, in the jacket. Then place any heavy object over the wrinkled area.

It is best to use heavy objects such as a dictionary, heavy textbooks, or any other heavy object that will work. Leave the books or objects overnight on the jacket and check in the morning to see if the wrinkles have gone.

Usually, this should be enough to remove small wrinkles completely. However, if there are deep creases, this method alone may not work. You’ll need to use other methods along with this to completely remove the creases.

Don’t forget to wear the jacket after you remove the books and objects to get the jacket into its original shape.

#4 Using Alcohol to Remove Wrinkles

If you have a real jacket finished with leather, you can also use alcohol to remove the creases and wrinkles. Finished leather has a stiffer texture because it is finished with a protective layer of coating. If you scratch your jacket, and the scratch is the same color as the rest of the jacket, it is finished leather. However, if your jacket is suede or unfinished, your best option would be to use the shower trick.

It is recommended that you test the alcohol in your jacket before using it for the wrinkled surface.

To do that, choose a discreet spot on your jacket and use a white, lint-free cloth and rub some alcohol on it. Gently use the cloth to rub on the surface of the leather, if your leather does not become discolored, and no color rubs off on your white cloth, you’re good to go.

Rub off the wrinkles and reshape the leather as much as you can before applying any alcohol. Once done, apply a thin layer of alcohol using a clean cloth, ensure that your jacket feels damp, and not soaked.

Then, knead the wrinkled leather as you would do a dough, putting pressure on the crease until it’s gone. Once the creases are removed, and the jacket is again to your liking, soak up any extra alcohol from the surface and let the jacket dry completely.

Since the alcohol also helps in cleaning the jacket, you might just clean your entire jacket using alcohol. The last thing you’d want after doing so much is to have a spot on your jacket that's cleaner than the rest. After you clean the jacket, leave it to dry.