5 stunning ways to style a brown leather jacket

5 stunning ways to style a brown leather jacket

5 stunning ways to style a brown leather jacket

For the past 70 years, leather jackets have become synonymous with toughness and individuality. When one thinks of a leather jacket, the official hallmark of edginess and rebellion, Marlon Brando riding a Triumph Thunderbird comes to mind.

Fashion is not restricted to anyone. All the fashion enthusiasts know that leather jackets are a major wardrobe staple. Even celebrities like David Beckham and Kanye West don't step out in the cold without their iconic brown leather jackets.

Many might consider black as the trendy leather jacket shade but brown will always be the superior color, given its origin and iconic history. Brown jackets were first observed in WWII. Aviators wore the jackets as a safety measure to protect themselves from the harsh cockpit temperature. That is why they were known as Flight Jackets.

So after this overwhelming description, here's why you should invest in a nice, high-quality brown leather jacket:

  1. The leather jacket provides the X factor to your outfit. A boring and dull outfit can be transformed entirely if you choose to layer it with a brown leather jacket. Your outfit will have the perfect balance of funk and class.
  2. Purchasing a good leather jacket would give the protection you need from the harsh and cold weather. Nothing would keep you warmer than a high-quality leather jacket.
  3. Leather jackets can last up to decades. That's what sets it apart from other clothing items. When kept with great care, the durability becomes unparalleled. Buying a high-quality leather jacket is a sound investment.
  4. A brown leather jacket easily fits well with multiple outfits. If there's an outfit you are dying to wear but don't have coats or jackets to match it with then go for a high-quality brown leather jacket.

Best Outfits For Wearing Leather Jacket For Men

If you are in dire need of styling tips, here are a few options of best outfits for wearing a brown leather jacket for men.

 #1 BROWN LEATHER BIKER JACKET from Brando & McQueen

brown biker jacket

If following the latest trends is your jam then here's a perfect outfit idea for you! Wear a basic black t-shirt with clean black jeans. Throw a pair of white, old skool vans. And lastly, dress it up with a brown biker jacket from Brando & McQueen. Sport this casual yet chic outfit next time you run out to grab a cup of coffee at your local Starbucks.

#2 Chocomoto Biker from Brando & McQueen

chocomoto biker

If you are someone who likes to live life fast, a dark brown biker (chocolate color) would perfectly reflect your personality. A biker jacket is similar to a motorcycle jacket but with a few exceptions. The style of the jacket is minimalistic. A dark brown biker jacket can easily transform your outfit!

If you want to keep things simple yet stylish while traveling, wear a plain white t-shirt and layer it with this jacket. Don't go too fancy with your bottoms. A simple pair of super skinny blue jeans and light brown suede Chelsea boots would round up the entire outfit.

 #3 Ben Hooded Leather Jacket from WILSONS LEATHER

Ben Hooded Leather Jacket

For an edgy yet urban style, grab a pair of slim-cut, black jeans and add a light brown-shirt on top. Rock the outfit a pair of low top sneakers and Ben Hooded Leather Jacket. The jacket will add warmth to your outfit. You can wear this outfit on a date or whilst traveling. The outfit is a perfect balance of modern and edgy. 

#4 The Dark-Brown Bad Hombre from Brando & McQueen

dark brown biker jacket

Have a date and don't know what to wear?

Go for the classic dark brown bad hombre jacket. The ultra-modern structure and sophisticated details have made this a timeless clothing item. It is also easy to style.

Given the earthy tone of the jacket, you can play around with colors. Wear a basic black-shirt and layer it with this jacket. For bottoms, wear dark jeans and finish the outfit with a pair of black boots. 

#5 Brown Leather Bomber

Brown Leather Bomber

When it comes to timeless, outwear clothing, bomber jackets have always topped the list. The classic jacket is available in a variety of styles to suit different occasions.

The bomber jackets originated during WWI as military flight jackets. Over time, the jacket became a statement piece in fashion. If you are looking for something that not only keeps you warm but also stylish, invest in a dark brown bomber jacket.

For casual occasions, wear a white t-shirt followed by black denim. Add a pair of sneakers and round up the outfit with the jacket.

For smart occasions, pair your bomber jacket with a light-colored collared shirt and pair of trousers or chinos. Opt for footwear that's not too dressy and feel formal at the same time such as loafers.

A well-tailored brown leather jacket will always be a wardrobe staple for men. The earthy tone offers more versatility. The jacket can be styled with so many different shades and colors. It can be easily dressed up or dressed down.