Top Guide About the Fitting of Biker Leather Jacket

Top Guide About the Fitting of Biker Leather Jacket

Top Guide About the Fitting of Biker Leather Jacket

A good leather jacket will stay in your wardrobe forever.

By forever, we mean “your grandkids will wear it one day” forever.

A good leather jacket is a big investment, a leather jacket for your wardrobe. Having said that, money doesn’t solve the problem. A leather jacket isn't like the normal clothing that you can buy in a heartbeat. Buying a leather jacket involves a lot of work and knowledge, especially, if you are buying a genuine piece.

A badly fitted biker leather jacket can be a huge mistake no matter how expensive it was. You will be committing a serious fashion crime while buying an ill-fitted jacket.


Authentic and genuine leather jackets are supposed to look and feel like your second skin. This is the first and foremost rule of buying a leather jacket.

The next thing you need to understand that it is hard to alter or make changes to a leather jacket. You can’t go to your tailor and ask him to alter the jacket as you want it. Which is why when you buy, make sure you are buying the right thing.

Don't just buy because the salesman said it is looking good. Understand the feel of the jacket before buying.

The next step would be to observe whether the fit enhances your frame or overrides it. Leather expands, if your biker jacket is authentic, it will surely expand in a couple of years. Which is why you should find one that is snug, that hugs your body in a very comfortable way. However, it should have enough space to add a layer or two underneath.

Once you have understood all these points, it’s time to get a fitting education. Here’s our full guide on how a biker leather jacket should fit.

Shoulder to Shoulder Fit

The jacket’s shoulder seams line should fit as perfectly to your actual shoulder point. A shoulder to shoulder fit is what you are looking for here. It shouldn’t go beyond your shoulder line, or it will just look like a hand me down. I am sure after paying a lot of money you wouldn’t want that.

Shoulder to Shoulder Fit biker jacket

 Fitting of the Armholes

Biker leather jacket’s armholes are supposed to be higher for perfect fitting. This is an important factor when it comes to the fitting of a leather jacket.

A low armhole jacket will shift when you move out arm up or down, and that is an ugly sight. With the help of a high or low armhole you can judge the jacket, whether it is too big or too small, or even good cut or a bad cut.

Make sure that it’s a good fit because you don't want to unsightly, loose hangings around your shoulder or lower arm.

Armholes leather jacket

Fitting of the Sleeves

You can enhance the look of your leather jacket just by the fitting of its sleeves. It should not be tight. If it is, you will have a hard time to move your hands, which is very important when it comes to riding.

The right length of the sleeves can make your leather jacket uber cool. It should end right at your wrist or the joint of your thumb. Never longer than that.

Fitting of the Sleeves biker jacket

Length of the Biker Leather Jacket

The length of the leather jacket should end at the loop of your belt. It is good if it covers your belt. It’s better for taller men as well. To have a longer jacket is cool.

Length of the Biker Leather Jacket

Other Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Biker’s Leather Jacket

Other than the fittings of lengths and shoulders, there are other things that you should understand as well. Like what enhances your fitness and what puts a dab on it.

For instance, if you are skinny, then you should go with a jacket that either has a belt or is elasticated at the waist. It will emphasize your shoulders and torso a bit more; it will make you look broader and more muscular. However, if you are bulkier, stay away from anything that has a belt or can snug your waist. It will only make you appear rounder than you are. Not a very cool sight for a biker!

Tips While You Go Shopping

  • Try as many as you can; do not shy out. The more you try, the more observant you will get.
  • Wear normal clothes, the kind you wear when you are usually on your bike. It will give you a realistic idea about how your jacket will feel with your usual attire.
  • You need to understand that the jacket should be tight, but not enough to restrain your movement. Check in the mirror, if it makes you look too erect or too straight. It’s probably tighter than what you need.

As we have mentioned earlier authentic leather jackets expand. But most of the time people overestimate the expansion.

The stretching of the leather depends on the material and the skin it’s made from. For example, cowhide expands less, whereas lambskin being soft stretches more.

Types of Leather

Understanding skin is important; it will help you get the right feel from your leather jacket.


Lambskin tends to give your leather jacket a soft and comfortable feel. It also looks very elegant. On the scale of leather softness lambskin is the softest option. The silky texture of it gives the jacket a smooth finish. The drawback of lambskin is that it is not as durable as other leather options.



If you want a reliable and durable option, cowhide is pretty tough, just like horse leather, it’s meant for people who are adventurist. Like bikers or mountain climbers. Cold weather needs a cowhide leather jacket. A great benefit of cow leather is that it is readily available in the market and it isn't very expensive either.



They are best for moist weather. Places that get a lot of rain are perfect spots to wear goatskin leather jacket. It is highly durable and easily repels water. It’s pretty soft as well, but it doesn’t have the silky-smooth finish the lambskin has. It has a pebbly look, which makes it easy to identify among all other leather jackets.



  • Choose comfort over style; leather has the tendency to hug your body and mold. So, in time it will look great. However, if the jacket looks great but doesn’t feel great, you might not wear it for long. You might even end up giving it away.
  • To clean your jacket, use a sponge or a damp cloth. Soon after, use a dry cloth to wipe away any moisture.
  • Try and get a neutral color, like black. It will go with everything you have in your wardrobe. Whereas, a bright-colored leather jacket will reduce your option to match or contrast.
  • Take good care of your jacket; you need to hang it correctly on a padded jacket. It will help you retain the shape of the jacket.


  • Don’t go for dry cleaning. You will lose the original look of your leather jacket. Having your leather jacket washed professionally might not get you a satisfactory result. It might even change the appearance of the leather. The finish of the leather skin might be at risk as well. Clean it yourself, with a mild shampoo and a damp cloth and dry it quickly to get rid of the moisture.
  • Know the leather before you take it for a stroll in the rain. All leather isn't waterproof. Check with the seller, if it’s waterproof or not. This is important because if it dries after that much moisture, it can crack. Use a leather lotion, conditioner or a softener to stop it from cracking.
  • You don't have to get a new one. The leather is strong and durable. Which is why there is nothing wrong with getting it second hand.


With all these hacks and tips, you will be able to buy the best; even a novice will be able to buy the best fitting jacket easily with this guide. Fitting can’t be ignored as it’s hard to get altered. Therefore, it is advised you should look for a reputable brand to get the right one the first time.

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