5 Iconic Types of Leather Jackets

5 Iconic Types of Leather Jackets That Are Common in the USA

5 Iconic Types of Leather Jackets That Are Common in the USA

When it comes to leather jackets, there are as many styles out there as there are people who love them.

Whether it is a tailored look or a rugged appearance that you want, leather jackets can bring any outfit to the next level.

Of course, certain key features such as the garment material and the quality of the construction matter more than perhaps any other aspect of a garment, and especially when it comes to leather jackets, but the style is no small decision.

Not only is the style of a leather jacket a kind of signal to the world of who you are or want to be but also there are some styles more appropriate for certain occasions over others.

In this article, we’re going to discuss five of the perennially popular styles here in the United States from Western-style jackets with a cowboy chic to them to leather winter coats.

As the five most popular styles of leather jacket in the United States, you’ll see these styles everywhere but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make them your own.

Individualized tastes often impact how many of these are presented and you will see elements of one shared with another quite commonly.

So just use this as a guide for the most popular templates and let your own personal choices dictate what style it might take. Here are the five most popular types of leather jackets that are common in the United States right now:

Western Leather Jackets

Western Leather Jackets

Western-style leather jackets come in a variety of flavors but most of us know them for their use of frills and fringes as well as Native American motifs and even sueded elements on the shoulders and elbows.

The western leather jacket is often associated with cowboys and for good reason: They not only used to wear them but they had to rely upon them to stay warm in the sometimes harsh winters of the western parts of the United States.

This means that they tend to be made out of thick leather and with an equally thick lining in order to keep in the heat.

They pair well with boots and a cowboy hat but would never be confused for a formal look. Some of them also have extensive metal work and detailing on them including contrast threading and even beads.

There are about as many western-style jackets out there as there are tastes they are trying to match so, in other words, there is something for everyone.

Leather Coats

Leather Coat

What makes a leather coat different from a jacket is the length of the construction.

Typically extending below the knees, these can come in styles such as a parka or even a trench coat. Typically very expensive, leather coats are often the preserve of the well off and those who like solid protection from the cold weather.

They come in thinner styles as well but leather coats are known for their ability to trap heat and are rarely appropriate for a spring or summer style.

What makes leather coats interesting is that many of their styles are also found in other materials which gives you flexibility if you like the style of a leather coat but can’t quite wrap your head around its price.

A bold statement if ever there was one, a leather coat might be too much for the average leather wearer but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the most popular styles on the market right now.

Sherpa Leather Jacket

sherpa leather jacket

A sherpa leather jacket shares a lot in common with the Western-style leather jacket but often includes elements such as a thick wool lining to the point where it is visible at the cuffs and collar.

Made for intensely cold climates, sherpa leather jackets are a favorite of laborers and fashionistas alike.

Often coming in black and brown colors, sherpa leather jackets are typically quite expensive but last a lifetime.

They rarely include detailing and accessories and are often plain or accentuated by their many utility pockets. Metal work is also kept to a minimum on a sherpa jacket as the emphasis is on the jacket’s ability to keep you warm while also allowing a high degree of unencumbered movement.

Leather Winter Coat

Leather Winter Coat

A leather winter coat is, like a leather coat, a longer construction of a leather jacket that is made for the colder months.

Styling can range from plain to overly complex with many styles including such elements as dramatic, oversized lapels and thick wool lining.

Detailing could include quilting and ribbing as well as buttons or metal work. Like a trench coat or other long jacket, the functionality of a leather winter coat is more limited and weather specific but allows for a high degree of personality and customization all the same.

Depending on what the occasion is, a leather winter coat might be a better option for you due to the material’s superior moisture repelling capabilities and excellent ability to trap and retain heat.

Rugged Leather Coat

Rugged leather jacket

A rugged leather coat basically refers to any style that is meant to be worn day in, day out and often in a professional environment.

You’ll find substantial pockets, metal work, and even some detailing like quilting and ribbed padding but the overall theme is making a jacket that works for the wearer.

Interior and exterior pockets combined with a construction that emphasizes freedom of movement as well as durability.

Often made out of thick leather material, these jackets tend to be very expensive and are built to last. Many often come pre-aged so that the wearer doesn’t have to break them in but, on that note, they do require regular care and maintenance due to the nature of their use being in more work-related scenarios.

They are also great for motorcycles riders. As you can probably readily see, there is a certain romance about the rugged leather coat in American fashion but there’s an equal amount of work utility as well.