Types of men's jackets

Types of men's jackets

Dressing nowadays is no longer just a way of covering the body as it was in ancient times. Instead, for men, looking good and being fashionable has taken relevance.

This article will give you some tips to select the best types of men's jackets. 

Jackets are part of the look in most men's outfits, no matter what age they are.

Tips for choosing types of jackets for men

There are 3 key aspects that we have to consider when selecting types of men's jackets:

1.- In what environment you work in daily, this will decide the style to wear.

  1. Know your body structure. Knowing your body will help determine which one suits you best.

3- The color. We should select those that go best with your skin tone, hair, and eyes.


Mistakes that should not be made when using types of men's jacket: 

- Wearing jackets larger or smaller than your actual size.

- Not paying attention to the activity in which you will participate. It would be best if you did not separate comfort from style.

- Wearing the sleeve length of the jacket above or below the wrist - does not look good. The size of the jacket should be at the level where the thumb starts. Otherwise, the owner loses the elegance of the jacket. 

- Wearing shirts with stronger colors than the color of the jacket - detracts from its attractiveness.

- When wearing the jacket with a long-sleeved shirt, the sleeves should not hide the sleeves, but it should not stick out more than 1.5 or 2 cm.

- The sleeve width of the jacket should not be too tight because it hinders the arm's mobility, making this product less comfortable.

Types of men's jackets: 

Currently, there are many types of men's jackets on the market, as it is a piece that is not missing in any of their outfits.

We can get them in different materials, shapes, and styles. If you are well-advised, you will indeed find one that perfectly suits your style and occupation.

Top 7 in types of men's jackets in demand in the market:

1.- Blazer: this piece is said to be exclusive women's clothing, but they have been modified and very well accepted by men. Blazers can be combined with any style, formal or casual, and with any type of pants.

2.- Motorcycle jackets: These are a classic favorite of motorcyclists or those who dress informally. They are available in various materials, such as denim or polyester, but the preferred ones are made out of leather.

It is essential to be aware of the leather quality for its maintenance and care.

If you want to get one of these, you should visit our store, Brando, and McQueen, where you can find this or any type of men's jacket to suit your style.

3.- Coats: it is a versatile jacket that can create casual and formal outfits. You can wear it during the day or at night. 

The most common are made of wool, but you can find them in other materials such as fur or cashmere. Our most requested colors are gray or black.

4.- Suit jackets: they are formal jackets. We recommend that you matched its color with the same color as the pants. These are ideal for work events or weddings.

Currently, to give a more youthful style, they are matched with jeans.

5.- Parkas: they are very urban styled types of men's jackets. They are perfect for the winter season. They come with hoods to protect us from low temperatures, rain, and wind.

They are usually worn tight, below the waist. The most requested color is military green, although there is also room for navy blue or Bordeaux colors.

6.- Gabardine: Waterproof jacket with long sleeves opened at the back to reach the knee. 

Some of them have a belt to close them, but the most common ones with buttons. The most popular colors are beige, brown, and gray.

7.- Informal jackets: their style is not suitable for any occasion. This group includes sports jackets, jeans jackets, Bomber jackets, and tracksuit jackets.

They are recommended for sports, walks, or to stay warm at home.

How to choose the right one within types of men's jackets?

Here we will give you some tips that we hope will help when making a good choice.

- Cost does not determine whether you have good taste or whether it is the right one for you. The cost only helps you to determine the quality of the product. Therefore, spending large sums of cash on a jacket does not guarantee that you are getting the right one.

- Seek advice on the colors that suit you according to your hair, eyes, and skin tone.

- The use you are going to give to the jacket, your profession, or the activities you are going to participate in, should determine the jacket you should buy.

- Be careful to select the correct size. As we said before, jackets should not be too big or too small to fit your body measurements.

- Avoid buying jackets that restrict your mobility and comfort. That's why we insist that you should try them on, do not trust the size they come in.

Do not forget to match each outfit with clothes, accessories, and shoes according to the types of men's jackets you choose. 

The way you dress says a lot about you and your style and personality. A good wardrobe can open big doors for you.