Top 5 forums to get the perfect vintage leather jacket

Top 5 forums to get the perfect vintage leather jacket

Top 5 forums to get the perfect vintage leather jacket

Leather jackets were first seen around during 1928, and to date, they appear to be a fashion trend that most apparels fail to hold. Vintage leather jackets, particularly, have made it to the contemporary era and that too, with an extraordinary demand in the market.

Vintage leather jackets have an inherent appeal, mostly due to their texture and the finely carved material. The smooth and soft suede touch is rare and is absent in the modern editions of leather jackets. Moreover, one is drawn in because of the intricate and exclusive designs of the late 20th century.

What is Considered a Vintage Leather Jacket?

Vintage leather accessories are anything that antecedes to the early 1980s. A vintage leather jacket often has unique, imperfect characteristics such as wrinkles and scratches that add to its antiquated appearance.

Vintage leather jackets can be dyed in various colors to create highlights and add a bristly texture.


All through the 1980s and today, vintage leather jackets have become a popular mainstream fashion. In recent times, celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Kirsten Dunst, and Justin Timberlake have been sporting vintage leather jackets.

It’s always a good idea to get a vintage leather jacket for your wardrobe. However, don’t just give your money away on the first thing that you see. There are certain things to consider before you grab the leather jacket. The roughen texture and the favorable imperfect look of the leather jacket makes it difficult to counterfeit. That does not mean you’re getting your money’s worth.

Consider these Before Buying a Vintage Leather Jacket

The era in which the style is the popular

It’s 2020, and people can’t get over the vintage attraction. It seems like as we move on to a more advanced generation, mainstream fashion is taking its cue from the late 20th century. Naturally, clothes are now designed to look vintage and have flooded the resale market with the original products.

Hence, you should always look for leather jackets that are more likely lined by hardy cotton and not sheeny polyester. Also, ask about the jacket’s origin, the era it is from, and how long it has been in the shop to get more clarity about the product.

The condition of the jacket, if it’s a second-hand

The adventures that a battered leather jacket has gone through over the years are a part of the joy of owning vintage leather apparel. It holds stories that eventually softens the tough leather of the jacket. However, there is a difference between elegantly aged and beyond repair. You must avoid buying jackets that have worn leather with rips and flaws that are beyond fixing.

How much should you pay for a Vintage Leather Jacket?

For a good quality secondhand vintage leather jacket in vintage shops around the US, you can expect to pay around $70-$90 for authentic style.

If you’re looking for a high-end label from designer brands and forum, the price can range between $200-$2,000 depending on the brand. You should know that leather jackets are an investment that will last you a lifetime.

Forums to Find Perfect Vintage Leather Jackets

Today, the internet is home to many online shops. While some are dummies, others just turn out to be a place that holds treasure.

Some stores are concerned with your money, while others are there to satisfy your inner shopaholic. Hence, it is challenging to separate the scraps from the originals when choosing shops and e-stores for vintage leather jackets.

Here’s a list of forums where you can discuss stylish vintage leather jackets. You can share your problems related to leather jackets or learn about stores that deal with such products. These forums include people who may have answers to all your queries.

1. Vintage Leather Jacket

There are more than 3000 registered members on This site deals with all things leather. Moreover, this site has a media section where people can upload pictures of the leather jackets they have or they need help with procuring.

If you’re looking for a forum that helps you buy the right leather jacket, or recommendations for sites to buy vintage leather jackets from, you can visit Vintage Leather Jacket.

2. Leather Jacket 4

Leather Jacket 4 has a forum as well as its own e-store line.

Leather Jacket 4 deals with all things apparel. They have discussion forums and jackets for teens, kids, men, and women. If you are pining for the leather jacket that one of your favorite movie stars wore, you can always go up on this site to inquire as well as buy it.

Leather Jacket 4 is the best site for discussion on all kinds of jackets, including movie jackets. If you want to go wild with jackets and need the right one for cosplay or Halloween, you need to visit Leather Jacket 4 now!

3. Style Forum

Style forum is a discussion forum that deals with style. You can discuss the latest trends or the type of style that suits your body type. It is also a great forum to discuss different leather jackets and what is best for you.

4. Don’t Pay Full

Don’t Pay Full is dedicated to discussing fashion, apparel, shopping, and reviews. They have threads addressing different types of leather jackets, apparel that goes with leather jackets, and other kinds of fashion.

5. The Fedora Lounge

The Fedora Lounge is another site to find articles and discussions on apparel and vintage leather jackets. They have threads speaking about leather jackets, their origin, and the interesting stories behind them.

Go Vintage!

Vintage is the new classic, and we see that it has created a buzz in the industry. Mainly vintage leather jackets have grown more popular! Although you should be careful while selecting the style of the antiquated product, the result of owning an authentic vintage leather jacket is worth it!