Terms and Conditions

  • By accessing the website https://www.brandomcqueen.com/ you are automatically agreeing to the terms and conditions. If you don’t accept the terms and conditions, you can leave the site at any time. It is important to mention that the content of this site is protected by copyright and trademark registration.
  • All the information you provide through Contact and Purchase forms must be true. Any error or misinformation will be the sole responsibility of the user and/or customer
  • The product images on our site and other advertising materials are for illustrative purposes only.
  • Using our images, logos and site information for personal or professional purposes is strictly prohibited.
  • Purchases will only be effective if they are made by an individual with legal capacity to do so. Therefore, sales to minorsunder 18 years old will be restricted unless the purchases are supervised by parents or legal guardians.
  • The content and policies of this site may be modified without prior notice.
  • Sizes vary by garment model.We suggest you ALWAYS consult the specific descriptions within the “Product description” tab.
  • Since the products are of animal origin, the tonalities may have small variations in addition to containing marks and damages caused by injuries and/ or scratches.
  • Since the garments are manually manufactured, there may be a difference of 1-2 cm in sizes.


All shipments are made through DHL or Fedex, in order to achieve faster and safer deliveries.

Consideration of shipments:

  • The cost of shipping to the United States, Canada and Mexico is free.
  • For international shipping fee is applied based on the rates established by the supplier. The fee will depend on the product and address of the recipient.
  • When an order is shipped internationally, it may be subject to taxes, customs duties, and/or fees imposed by the destination country. These charges will typically be due once the shipped goods arrive at the country of destination. Clients are responsible to comply with the laws and regulations of the country of destination. Brando & McQueen does not hold any responsibility on these charges that may apply.


To proceed to a free return, the client should take into consideration the following:

  • To request a return, the customer must write an email to: hello@brandomcqueen.com
  • The customer has 15 calendar days from the date of receipt to request a return.
  • When making a free return (if within the established period), the client must absorb the shipping fees. Once the order is received in our facilities, the Customer Service team will return the fees through Pay Pal covering the related costs. NOTE: This only applies to orders from USA, Canada and México. Items in your order that are designated for shipment to other countries, the client must pay all costs associated with the shipping (including customs duties and fees).
  • To comply with the statement mentioned above, the customer needs to send proof of payment by email. If this receipt is not sent, the Customer Service team will not pay the shipment fees to the customer

Consideration for changes (applies within the first 15 calendar days):

  • a) Request a change of size or model (by paying a re-adjustment fee; and if the cost difference is in favor of the customer, an electronic coupon will be issued to use in the store forfuture purchases),
  • b) Full refund; the refund will take place within 5 business days through the payment method used by the customer.

     Considerations for the guarantee:

    • The warranty period is 60 additional calendar days from the expiry of the first 15 calendar days above mentioned.
    • The warranty applies only if there is a manufacturing defect.
    • You have to send an email to the Customer Service team: hello@brandomcqueen.com with pictures of the garment and a guarantee request.
    • Once the email is received, the Customer Service team will decide in a maximum of 5 working days if the guarantee is applied or not.
    • Once the guarantee is authorized, the “free return and changes” process applies, as mentioned above.


    • The free return policy is not applicable for tailor-made jackets, limited time offers and orders made during flash sales or any special promo event. Also; the free return policy doesn’t apply for coupons from 25% to 50% off. 
    • If you return any product, please ensure that the return parcel is marked clearly with the wording “Return to supplier”.
    • The free return policy is not applicable for limited time offers.

    Terms and Conditions For Coupons

    1. The coupon is not necessarily valid for all periods of the year. There may be periods, particularly during the seasons, for which the coupon may not be usable.
    2. To redeem your coupon, simply enter the code in the "Enter code" field during the checkout process.
    3. The coupon can be used only one time per customer.
    4. The coupon is applicable towards product prices only, and cannot be applied to shipping or reshipping charges
    5. The coupon may not be combined with any other promotional coupons.
    6. If your payment is in a currency other than US dollars, the final coupon value will be determined by the exchange rate on the day the coupon is applied. As a result, coupon value may vary slightly.
    7. Coupons are not valid during flash sales or any special promo event.